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Glade Mill Casablanca   DOB: 5.5.20



Humphrey is a handsome young dog that provides excellent promise not only as a show dog, but as a great companion. Humphrey boasts excellent substance, striking markings, dark, rich pigment, and a sweet merry personality. Though we would like to hang on to this young boy, with many young projects, we feel he would most benefit from a situation that can focus more on him individually. Humphrey has already been Embark genetic tested, and is available as a companion or for show. 


Glade Mill Wait Until Dark   DOB 5.5.20


After much thought we have decided to make our sweet Audrey available to a very special kind of home. Audrey has an incredibly sharp mind and is very active, and would excel greatly in performance events such as agility, obedience, rally, and/or scent work, etc - she has already learned many tricks in a short period of time, and is always game for more learning! In addition to a great performance prospect, she is a show prospect as well. Audrey would not be suited well for a companion only home, and is only available to an active performance home, if one should come along. Audrey has already been Embark tested and is enrolled with the OFA/MU Hip Dysplasia Biomarker Study.

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