Sapphire begging

What's New at Glade Mill:


6/3/21: Our "Simon & Garfunkle" litter is 11 years old today! Happiest of birthdays to Cecilia, Al, Sparky, Wrigley, and Willie


5/1/21: Wishing Falco and Shiner a very Happy 13th Birthday! 


5/5/21: Happy 1st Birthday to “The Classics,” Grant, James Dean, Humphrey, Hank, Max, and Audrey!

5/20/21: Happy Birthday to our "Cocktails"! Whiskey, Tinto, Reese, and Kai are 7 years old!

5/26/21: Giselle delivers her litter in the wee hours of the morning, in a wonderfully efficient fashion. Welcome babies!

5/27/21 - 5/31/21: We have a notable time at the New Castle, PA shows. Audrey gets her first points and a major, Thresher comes out to play, and Chino spends more time figuring out the dog show game. The big winner of the weekend is Grant, who finishes his championship, moves up and is now halfway towards his GCH, and also earned his CA over the weekend!


4/1/21 - 4/4/21: In Doswell, VA, Grant wins WD 2 days, for 4 more points toward his Championship, and Charlotte wins WB 3 days for 9 points, and Tulla wins WB/BOW for a 4 point major on Saturday! So proud of our young dogs!


4/16/21 - 4/18/21: News from Boise, ID, Victor makes his ring debut, and wins WD/BOW 2 days for a total of 8 points! Amethyst also came out of retirement, winning BOS all 3 days, for a 5 point GCH major each day! Congratulations to Robyn Stojackovich and thank you for all you do with our pups!


4/29/21: Happy 6th Birthday to Xavier, and all his littermates from the Falco x Terra “Lucky Litter”!


3/10/21 - 3/14/21: A fantastic weekend in Raleigh, NC! Grant wins WD/BOW two days, taking home 9 points from his first weekend, Charlotte wins WB two days for her first 3 points! Jullian showed Catawba in juniors, and won two first placements, moving her up to Open Junior, and showed her puppy Chino all weekend for his debut show! Thank you to all the judges for making the first weekend for these puppies a positive one!


2/4/2021: We are so saddened by the passing of Gimme, GCH Glade Mill Gimme All Your Lovin’. At 12.5 year old, Gimme passed away surrounded by her favorite people. Our condolences to the Bagley family who gave her the greatest retirement life.


1/1/2021: Happy New Year! Despite the challenges of 2020, we are proud to announce that Thresher finished the 2020 year as the #2 13” Beagle! 


12/1/20: The beginning of December was kicked off here in Western PA with a snow storm! Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season!


12/5/20: Happy 2nd Birthday to our “Greek Gods & Goddesses”, from Bradley x Mako; Dusty, Bentley, Helios, Betsy, Selene, & Aria!


11/5/20: Our handsome singleton boy, Thresher, turns 4 years old today! Happy birthday little man!

11/9/20: Happy 6th birthday to Fauna, Flora, and Skye out of our Viktor x Ruby litter!

11/13/20: Congratulations Mark Eidelman of Summer Lake Vizslas on the arrival of 7 puppies sired by Whiskey, CH Glade Mill Whiskey Sour, out of Lexie! 


11/12/20 - 11/15/20: In Wilmington, OH, Thresher picks up BOV all 3 days entered, and Aria wins WB/BOS two days for 2 more points toward her championship!


11/19/20 - 11/22/20: A great weekend in West Springfield, MA! Thresher wins 3 BOV, including 2 NBC Supported Entries, and finishes off the weekend with a strong Group 2nd. On Thursday, Aria wins a nice 4 point major, leaving her with only 1 point left to finish her championship!

11/29/20: Wishing a happy 2nd birthday to our “Whiskies” litter; Eli, Scotch, Oakley, Beau, Tulla, Raymah, Stella, Jester, & Tennie!


10/2/20: Wishing the Happiest 12th Birthday to our ZZ Top litter; Z, Gimme, Allie, Pepper, & Lily!

10/24/20: New Canine Chronicle statistics are out, and Thresher holds his spot as the #2 13” Beagle in the country! He trails the lead by only 1 point!

10/28/20: Xavier & Scarlett’s puppies turn 8 weeks old, as we start to let these babies go to their new homes, we are thrilled to announce the beautiful “Hazel” will be joining Justin Allen and family of Justeal Vizslas! We are looking forward to Hazel’s future!

10/31/20: Happy Halloween! “The Poets” from Walter & Mako turn 8 weeks old! Charlotte will be staying with us, we are so excited for our beautiful new addition. Blue boy, now “Victor,” will be joining Robyn Stojacovich and family, and will surely have a great future in conformation and performance events! Purple girl, Summer, will be joining the Glodowski family of Zareba Rhodesian Ridgebacks, where she will make 6 year old Sonia’s dream of having a beagle of her own, come true! We are so excited to welcome Sonia to the Glade Mill family!


9/2/20: Scarlett and Xavier welcome 4 boys and 2 girls! We are very excited about these babies!

9/5/20: Mako brings 4 boys and 2 girls into the world from Walter! We are elated to have 4 bicolors and 2 black tricolors. 

9/21/20- 9/24/20: We take everyone to the National Beagle Club's national specialty in Wilmington, OH. Cecilia takes BOS in 15" veteran sweepstakes, Aria is 2nd in 15" open bitches, littermate Selene finishes her CH in style by going RWB in 13", and Thresher is the 13" select dog. We had such a great time and are so proud of how our dogs represented us! Congratulations to all, and we'll see everyone again in 2021!

9/29/20: Happy 4th birthday to our gemstones from Arlis & Sapphire!


8/9/20: Happy 4th birthday to our Jesse x Kat babies!


7/3/20: As the Thresher x Giselle babies start to head to their new homes, we'd like to welcome Olivia Glowatz as our newest junior handler! She and "James Dean" have a bright future ahead of them!

7/4/20: Happy 3rd birthday to Giselle!

7/22/20: Mako is now 6 years old!

7/30/20-8/2/20: We go to our first dog show since March! At the Canfield, OH show, Thresher finishes his Silver GCH, and Jules steals the weekend by getting her first ever junior showmanship class win and also pilots Kat to a Best in Veteran Sweepstakes at the Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland specialty show! We are so proud!