The dogs who shaped our present and future:


Glade Mill Honey  8.16.99 - 8.8.04


Our very first vizsla, Honey taught us the ropes of the breed. Never to be a show dog due to an accident as a puppy, she still proved herself a wonderful hunter and a stellar companion. Sadly, we lost her very young to lymphoma. 


CH Glade Mill Crimson Ball O'Fire  6.14.03 - 8.29.10


Crimson will always hold a very special place in our hearts. She was our first homebred champion, as well as the foundation bitch of our vizsla breeding program. An extremely intellegent and birdy girl, she was always brimming with energy and ready to go hunt, yet loved nothing more than curling up on the couch or in a bed at the end of the day. Though we had plans to work on her field titles, her life was cut tragically short by an accident during her second and last pregnancy. She was able to successfully whelp and raise her babies as well as a foster puppy for a friend and saw them off to their homes before we lost her. We see her every day in the progeny she left behind.


Sagebrush of Glade Mill  4.22.00 - 8.19.15


The Alpha of our pack and designated Ambassador of Vizslas, "Grandpa" Sage was the most wonderful patriarch we could have ever possibly hoped for. A truly wonderful dog, we were so lucky to have him. The sire of our beloved Crimson, he was the embodiment of graceful aging, and wiggled like a puppy well into his senior years. With longevity seemingly matching his accumulated "fan club" over the years, we began to think him immortal. Alas, nothing is forever. 


Glade Mill Rockin' Robin  5.1.08 - 7.27.18


True to vizsla type, Miss Ruby knows and acted like the nobility she is decended from. She was a princess, and happily let everyone know, whether or not they inquired! She was very close, but never finished her championship. Still, she gave us one small and lovely litter of girls before she was spayed. This wonderful girl lived with and was loved dearly by the Pease family.


CH Merry Music Poet in My Heart  3.14.04 - 11.19.18


Our first "show" beagle, Sierra was our foray into the breed. She gave us many wonderful memories and helped us learn a great deal. She was a dream brood bitch and loved being a mommy so much that she even tried to "adopt" any puppies that happened to be on the ground- beagle or vizsla! She even served as a juniors dog, despite the fact that she'd rather be keeping the couch warm. She had an amazing life once retired with Henry and Vivian Leung, who loved and cared for her dearly until the end.


CH Glade Mill Like A Rock  5.1.08 - 4.5.19


Seger was very much one of the "dynamic duo" with his littermate, Falco. A very handsome boy, he was not only lovely to look at, but lovely to interact with as well. He was very loved by Randy & Barb Pitzer and family, and will be greatly missed by us all!


GCHB Glade Mill Sing'N Merry Music Blues  4.14.09 - 11.13.19


Nelo earned his nickname of the "Blue Shark" as a young puppy with his all-business attitude, spunky personality and obvious blue color. Nelo was decidedly Chanel's from the moment he came to join us, and together they accomplished so much and went on many adventures together. Though we had hoped for many more years with Nelo, he was taken from us far too soon by a traumatic neck injury. 


GCH Merry Music Watch Her Strut  5.13.06 - 4.29.20

Not only did Bob she prove to be a stunning producer, she showed an aptness and love for showing at a very young age. Our first "push button" dog, she began winning BOV over specials as a 6 mos. old puppy. When we brought her out to play at 5 years old and after two litters of puppies, she quickly got her Grand Championship and even ended the year in the top 20 with only limited showing. A true sweetheart and cuddlebug, she retired with Marietta Aransaenz in Texas, where she was the spoiled rotten queen over her vizsla housemate, Shiner (also bred by us).


GCH Glade Mill Gimme All Your Lovin'  10.2.08 -


It's always been hard not to be impressed with Gimme. Whether interacting with her very gregarious personality, or simply watching her antics, she never failed to turn heads. Her favorite past time is drawing laughs from anyone who will pay attention. This silly girl will  always happily cuddle up to a friend or stranger- then steal a kiss and frolic away. With a number of impressive breed and group placements over impressive competition, we were anxious to see her progeny, but it was never to be. Gimme has since won the hearts of the family of Larry and Linda Bagley here in Pennsylvania. We are very happy they live close, so that we may see her!


GCH Glade Mill Gallamont Cheap Sunglasses 10.2.08 -


Allie is a very special little girl. The only 13" to come from Bob's first litter, she's always done what's been asked of her. This beautiful, flashy little girl has always been one of our favorites, as none compairs when it comes to cuddling. Due to her age when she retired from the show ring, we decided not to breed her. Just as she stole our hearts, she stole the hearts of Karen and Jim Limbaugh. As with her littermate, Gimme, we are fortunate she's stayed close to us so that we may see her now and again!


CH Merry Music Glade Mill L'Amoure Est Bleu 1.29.12 -


Despite Sapphire's small stature, she fears nothing and loves to show everyone who really rules the roost! She was an impeccable juniors dog, exceptional trick dog, and remains the sweetest cuddlebug anyone could want. Now retired, Sapphire went to live with Henry and Vivian in MN. 

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