If you are interested in one of our puppies, please fill out our

Glade Mill Puppies

Before committing to one of our puppies:


We place our puppies in homes based upon the future lifesyle their new family has planned for their new puppy. Because we live with them for their first two months of life, we are more capable of matching the personalities of our pups with their new homes, thus you do not get to "pick" a puppy.


Though we do take preferances into consideration, we cannot guarantee a puppy of a particular sex. We can only provide what is available, so it increases the chances of getting a pup if you are open to gender.

We do not ship our puppies. Our dogs are members of our family and if they are going to a new home, then their new family must either come to get them or arrange to meet at a mutual location where they can be picked up.


Our puppies are sold on sales contracts which are designed to protect the buyer, the puppy, and the breeder. This contract guarantees that the puppy will be healthy and free from disease when he arrives at his new home. Our puppies are also sold with a lifetime return policy meaning that we will take back any of our dogs at any time for any reason.


We require spay/neuter contracts on all of our puppies that go to pet homes. Spaying and neutering is in the best interest of the health of a pet; therefore, if there is no reason for a companion dog to remain intact, then it should not. If we have deemed a puppy to be pet quality, it means that we do not feel as though that puppy is a good representation of the breed standard, and therefore it should not be bred. To ensure this, these puppies will be sold on "limited registration" so that any litters which would result from these dogs could not be registered with the AKC.


However, if a puppy is going to a home that wishes to compete in conformation or field events with their dog, we will not require a spay/neuter contract and will allow unlimited registration with the stipulation that our names remain on the dog as co-owners until the dog has earned a title. In this way, we can eliminate indiscriminate breeding from those that may not pay regard to the conformation standard and/or health clearances.


All of our puppies have been produced by parents that are OFA certified. In addition, we make sure our dogs have General Health Profile bloodwork done annually to help ensure that our lines continue to be healthy.


We want any prospective homes to be comfortable with our philosophies. If there are any questions, we encourage you to contact us at any time.



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